A Destination

Though we are located near a train station, our name means much more. “The Junction” is in reference to an idea shared by our close knit community of chefs and owners. We aim to provide a meeting place for people from all different ways of life, an environment where cultures and stories can intersect in the name of wonderful food. Our chefs, all with distinct culinary backgrounds, have crafted a menu that provides a bold selection of cuisine.  We strive to provide you with the highest level of service so that you may thoroughly enjoy your experience with us. Seated in our comfortable atmosphere with eclectic dishes and an excellent selection of beer and wine, we are certain that you will enjoy yourself amongst family and friends.


We believe that fine dining does not require a black-tie setting; excellent food is best shared in a comfortable environment. We have designed our interior to provide you with a professional yet casual dining experience.

Our Food

Our menu style draws from Spanish and Chinese customs. Our menu is tapas style but is also meant to be shared with the table. Dishes are served right when they are ready. Start planning your first course here: menu.


Our draft beer comes from three local craft breweries: Claremont Craft Ales, Dale Bros., and Rök House Brewing Co., while  our bottled selection comes from different regions of the country. Together, our brew selection has an awesome range of flavors that will satisfy even the most acquired palates' cravings.


Our wines are carefully selected by our Chefs to pair with the cuisine. A wide selection of both Imported and Domestic wines is available for you to enjoy with your meal. 


Our coffee is of the highest possible quality: grown sustainably and certified organic. Whether you take it black, iced, or with lots of cream, our baristas will certainly be happy to cater to your preferences.